3 Deadly Mistakes 99% Of Online Marketers Make!

3 Deadly Mistakes 99% Of Online Marketers Make!


Have you noticed that only a ridiculously small portion of online marketers actually make any money online?


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There is a reason for this.
It took me years to figure things out.
I was misled in all sort of crazy directions.
I’ve heard it all: from social media spamming to “only focus on value and the money will take care of itself”.
It won’t.
After generating millions of dollars online, and after having taught thousands of students to do the same, I realized that there are 3 basic components to a successful Online Business.
1) How You Engineer Your Business: stop believing to smiley people on the internet that tell you to “just add value and take massive action”. It doesn’t work. Logically it should, but it doesn’t work. If your business is not engineered in a certain way, you will fail.
2) Social Media: building upon the previous point, how many times have you heard that the way you win is by putting your face on 20 different social media platforms and start posting? Nobody though has clearly explained how to monetize that. Because, most of the time, you can’t.
3) Brand Building: “build a brand, then people will buy your products”. This is so wrong it’s unbelievable. No successful company works that way.
Also, it violates the most basic principles of brand positioning.
If you’re tired of all the nonsense in this industry, it’s my pleasure to give you access to 3 (FREE) highly educational Internet Marketing videos.
Can you handle the truth?

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