50 Discount Coupons Available + Lessons From 8-Figure Bloggers At ASW2017!

50 Discount Coupons Available + Lessons From 8-Figure Bloggers At ASW2017!


So I’m here in Vegas living the life and attending the Affiliate Summit West 2017. Today I met John Chow and snapped a picture with him.

I attended a conference called “How To Become A Millionaire Blogger” by John Chow, Syed Balkhi, Zac Johnson and John Rampton. These are all 7 to 8-figure bloggers and online marketers.


It was very interesting and the funny thing is that they confirmed pretty much everything I teach in my video courses and Youtube channel. My best Kindle Publishing student (that pulled 40k last month) was there with me and he kept turning to me saying “lol, isn’t this what you teach Big Luca?!”.





Anyway, I just made 50 coupon codes available for the lifetime versions of my high end video courses. I want to give everybody the opportunity to join and start making money. I noticed that some students are somehow hesitant to join at times and sometimes they save just the right amount of money needed for the course but then I suddenly increase the prices.

I thought it’d be cool to open some discounted spots on a first come, first served bases. These will go away pretty soon so take action quickly. I usually get tens of sales a day and I only opened 50 so yeah, you get the math. When they’re gone, they’re gone.



Self Publishing RevolutionCoupon: januarypublishing

Affiliate Marketing RevolutionCoupon: januaryaffiliate

Video Course RevolutionCoupon: januaryvideo
If you’re on a monthly subscription, you might take this opportunity to switch to lifetime. I’m speaking against my interest because I do like recurring income but if you stay a member for a few months, you end up paying more. This is simple math 😛


I especially give a big shout out for Affiliate Marketing Revolution, which comes with 2 bonus courses (which if you buy separately you would pay $183 for). This is simply the best course out there about Affiliate Marketing. The content, so far, has shocked everybody.


But it’s not just Affiliate Marketing: it contains the information on how to build a complete online business and monetize it.


You should have heard what these rich bloggers had to say today, it seemed like they all took this course. So many similarities in their approach and mine. If your goal is to get right to the money and leave the BS aside, this course is for you and you’ll be simple amazed. I haven’t had 1 single refund request and the course has been bought hundreds and hundreds of times. Enough said.


All the best guys (and girls). Wanna live the life and have passive income? You have to take action now. Not later. Now. “Later” never comes!


Big Boy Big Luca And Big Boy John Chow!


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