Earn More Than $6,938? Get An International Health Insurance If You Live The Laptop Lifestyle!

Earn More Than $6,938? Get An International Health Insurance If You Live The Laptop Lifestyle!



I recently signed up for an International Healthcare Insurance Policy. I chose the best one in the world, called Premier Gold (by Allianz).


Why this move?


  1. I’m Italian but I fiscally reside in the UAE. When I changed my tax residence, I gave up the right to use the free Italian healthcare system and therefore if I need surgery or something happens, I’d need to pay out of my pocket in full.
  2. I take an average of 1 international travel a month (sometimes 2) and I live in multiple countries every year. Different countries, different continents, different healthcare issues.
  3. I need to not even having to think about health issues: whenever I am, however I choose, I have to be able to be immediately given access to medicines, surgery and the best possible healthcare procedures available.


If you want to build an online business and live the “laptop lifestyle”, you have to think about your health. Just 15 days ago one of my female-friend broke 8 ribs, 1 vertebra and cut her head opened in Dubai. If she didn’t have a health insurance, she’d be screwed big time (and out of pocket of some $50,000). She just had a travel insurance with Emirates, but you get the point: the LAST thing you want is to be in a foreign place with a different culture and language, feel sick or even worse get into an emergency and not be able to afford the best cures.


If you travel a lot and you make a respectable amount of money online, I’d advise you to seriously think about an International healthcare policy. Why international? Because you travel internationally, don’t you? Exactly.


Seriously, thinking about making money is great. Making a lot of money is even greater. But also, please, think about your health. Don’t go around travelling and living the life without thinking about contingencies. Bad things happen.

You don’t want a broken leg while you’re in Thailand and maybe you can’t get the best cures. Ending up in a stinking, free, low level clinic? Not for me.


An International healthcare insurance policy is well worth the investment.


I paid €6,700 (1 year) for mine. Price is quite low because I’m 25. Roughly, it includes:

  1. €2,500,000 maximum coverage in 1 year
  2. Medicines, surgeries, transplants, procedures, treatments. Everything including treatment for chronicle illness, cancer, diabetes etc.
  3. Dental care for problems coming from accidents
  4. Private room
  5. Priority line in the language I want (I chose English as the language I want the insurance company to communicate with me in)
  6. Everything is covered 100%
  7. Direct billing. I don’t pay anything: the hospital or the clinic I stay at has direct agreements with Allianz.
  8. They give me a card which I can show anywhere I go to get everything I want.


I chose to pay with monthly instalments. Prices may vary according to your age, pre-existing conditions etc. You get the point. Also, if you include dental care on demand (also for non-emergencies), the prices pretty much double. I didn’t include that as I take care of my teeth as it is and I only want coverage for emergencies. If have to whiten them, I’d pay out of pockets: no need to pay double each month for that.


I took out mine, now take out yours. I’m not affiliated with Allianz in any way so yeah, do whatever you want.





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