Essential Tools For Internet Marketing – Clickfunnels Review!

Essential Tools For Internet Marketing – Clickfunnels Review!



I’ve been using Clickfunnels for months now and I have to say I find it excellent. It surely is one of the tools you want to have in your Internet Marketing Arsenal. If you’re serious about Internet Marketing, I’d get it right away. It’ll make your life simpler in so many ways.


Clickfunnels, as the name goes, helps you build funnels (Daa?)


What’s a funnel? A funnel is a way of skimming perspective clients and take them from cold leads to buyers. There are different variations of it, but the point is that you build a multitude of pages with the primary reasons of converting leads from cold traffic, and then converting clients from leads. It’s the primary ways Internet Marketers make money now. Pretty much everything has a funnel. There are sales funnel, in which after you buy the first product you’re immediately introduced to the second product and so on so forth; there are webinars funnels, in which you join a webinar, then you visit the webinar, then you’re sold something and if you don’t buy you’re redirected to another page.


You get the point.


Clickfunnels takes the pain of building funnels and does EVERYTHING for you.



  • It has amazing, incredibly high converting ready-made templates. Quite a bit for free but you can get very sophisticated ones for some tens of dollars.
  • It has funnels for sales page, opt-in pages, order pages, webinar pages, book launches, consulting funnels etc. They have everything.
  • You could run your entire business from clickfunnels (they manager users, emails, sales, refunds, upsells, downsells, membership platforms).
  • The design of all the pages is the best one you can possibly get.
  • It’s perfectly integrated with all the platforms you use (Jvzoo, Clickbank, Aweber, Getresponse, Paypal, Stripe etc.)
  • Their support and customer service team is incredibly effective and quick.
  • It’s THE tool Big Boys (like myself) use to rack in hundreds of thousands (and even millions) of dollars every day.
  • There is no tool to replace Clickfunnels. There are complementary tools which you can use sometimes, but Clickfunnels is a must.
  • You can build funnels in a matter of seconds.
  • Drag and drop easy. You can customize EVERYTHING.




Two plans available (monthly), $97 and $297. I chose the latter. Why? Because my philosophy is that it makes no sense to use an amazing tool without letting it expressing its full potential. Sure, it might look expensive but when you consider the time you save and the money you can make, it’s a no brainer.


14-day trial always available.







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