How Many Paypal (Business) Accounts Can I Have?

How Many Paypal (Business) Accounts Can I Have?



Having multiple Paypal accounts is very useful for diversification, security and logistic reasons. You can plug one of your Paypal account to 1 online platform you have and another Paypal account to another platform. You might be a vendor and receive money on your Paypal UK and do affiliate marketing and receive commission on your American Paypal.

You get the point.


You might have a personal account in the country you live in but another paypal in the country you set up your LLC in. Fine but…


Is it legit?


The short answer is: of course. Paypal allows you to create one personal account and one business account.


But how about 2 business accounts? Before opening my second Paypal business account I searched around for information and after my research I concluded that, yes you can have multiple businesses accounts but it’s better to limit them to 2.


The way Paypal works is that you create the Paypal business account in the country your bank account is in. Let me explain: if you have a British bank account, then you’ll need a Paypal UK account. If your bank account is in America, you need a Paypal US account.


Plain and simple.


Summary: yes you can have multiple Paypal Business accounts but try to limit them to 2, ok?





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