How To Make $9,000 A Month With Info Products / Affiliate Marketing!

How To Make $9,000 A Month With Info Products / Affiliate Marketing!


Everybody wants to make tens of thousands of dollars every month with Affiliate Marketing / Information Products. However, less than 1% of people ever achieve a 10k a month level (the bare minimum to live fairly comfortably). Let alone a 30, 50 or 100k a month level.




Because they keep promoting cheap products. If they create their own product, they sell it for $47 an wait for the millions to come in. Now… let’s do a little math, shall we?



Let’s suppose you want to make $10,000 a month. How many $49 units would you have to sell? The answer is: 204.


This is 6.8 sales per day, each and every day.

If you consider that your sales page will convert at an average of 2%, that means that you need to get at least 300 unique visitors to your sales page each and every day.


With a cheap product, driving paid traffic is challenging:

If you’re getting these people from Facebook and you pay $4 per lead, you’ll pay $1,200 in order to attract 300 people. Let’s suppose 10% of them buy (30) your $49 product: you earn $1470. This is a $270 profit per day. To me, this is too little of a profit consider how much money I’m spending. I’m still making a profit, but the risk is high.


With Affiliate Marketing this situation gets even worse! You usually earn a 50% commission on products you promote. That’s half of the profit and the same expenditure of paid traffic (if you use it). You’d need 408 sales per day in order to make 10k with a $49 product on which you earn a 50% commission!


This is more than 13 sales a day!


This is NOT the ideal situation to be in. Why? Because scaling up is a bitch.

What about if you want to make 50k a month? That’s 1,020 sales per month if you own the product and 2,040 sales if you get a 50% commission.


And you have to do this every month. Possible? Yep, it is. Comfortable, easy and advisable? No, hell no.



Now let’s pick a higher ticket product. For the sake of this example, I’ll pick a very reasonable $299 product.

In order to earn $10,000 a month, you only need to sell 33 in 1 month (against 204 sales you’d have to make with a $49 product).

This is basically 1 per day (if you own the product).


If you get a 50% commission, you just have to sell 2 a day. Not 13… TWO!


Which one do you think is easier?

Yep, high ticket products.


Your Entire Business Experience Will Change When You Charge High Prices

It really will. Seriously, get out of the $7-$47 products limbo and start selling / promoting high ticket products.


I’d start from a minimum of $299. It’s very useful to have some $400-$600 and $900-$1200 products. This is to upsell clients and make even more money.


Get serious about info products and serious about high prices. It’s the only way you have to make a lot of money.






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