Kindle Publishing 2017 – Stop Being Afraid Of Investing In Your Business!

Kindle Publishing 2017 – Stop Being Afraid Of Investing In Your Business!


A lot of people are afraid of investing money to grow their business. It happens all the time but this is even more present with Kindle Publishing. For some reasons, somebody has got you convinced that a Kindle Publishing business doesn’t require money to grow and you shouldn’t spend money to grow it.


This is absolute wrong.


Also, some people have the ROI of a Kindle Publishing all wrong. Professional investors are happy when they get a 10% ROI on their money, on an annual bases. If they invest 100k and after a year their net profit is 10k, they’re chuffed.


With Kindle Publishing people are expecting a 100% ROI each and every month. Straight from the gate. Is this possible? Yep. Is this expectable and you should get angry if this doesn’t happen to you? No, not one bit. It’s crazy.


If you invest 3k to grow your business and then start making 500 bucks a month, this is an amazing return (200% annually). This is amazing. However, I have a few students that don’t get this. They think that if they pend $3000, they should make $5,000 each and every month.


Guys, making money is a serious business and Kindle Publishing doesn’t make exception.


Stop having unrealistic expectations.




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