Kindle Publishing Q&A – What Are The Deadly Mistakes Of Kindle Publishing? Kindle Guru Speaks Up!

Kindle Publishing Q&A – What Are The Deadly Mistakes Of Kindle Publishing? Kindle Guru Speaks Up!



1) Don’t just publish: what you have to understand is that there is a strategy behind Kindle Publishing. Just putting books out there won’t get you anywhere and in fact will likely cause you to fail. Don’t get into 30 different niches with just as many books. Don’t “try to publish and see what happens”. You have to understand the difference between a keyword and a niche. A niche includes many keywords; it’s a general, broad category keywords are under. The way you win at Kindle Publishing is to find a profitable niche: a profitable niche is so only when it “contains” many profitable keywords. If your books aren’t showing up high, on the first page, when customers look for the keyword they’re interested in then you won’t make any money. Think about this: let’s suppose you’re looking for ebooks about Yoga. What will you do? You’ll punch “yoga” into Amazon search bar and hit return. You’ll then skim and scan the books on the first page. You’ll then make a decision without even looking at page 2, 3 or 4. Your customers do the same thing. Boys and girls, you have to learn how to rank for keywords that customers actually look for.


The approach of “I’ll try to publish and see what keywords are profitable” is just a way to say “I have no idea what I’m doing but I very well hope I’ll hit a profitable keyword by sheer luck. This approach is wrong and you should do the opposite. You should have a scientific way to assess keywords before you begin publishing.


2) Structure of your publishing process: there is a way to with with the Amazon algorithm and there is a way to work against it. If you want to make money with Kindle Publishing, you have to work with it. Unfortunately this is not a debatable point: if you work against a mathematical algorithm, you’ll lose. It’s not like you can win against it.


Also, you have to understand how to structure your covers, the length of your book and how to leverage one book against the other in order to climb up the rank even more. About covers, especially, you have to know how to build a brand which is recognisable by people. Again, the approach of “I’ll have 50 different covers so maybe one will be good” violates any principle of brand positioning which exists today.


3) Reviews: it’s amazing how, to these days, there are people not getting it. Reviews don’t help sell a low-quality book for more than 2 days. After this point your book will be swamped with 1-star review and it’ll stop selling completely. Whether you do review swapping or go about it in a more “organic” way, don’t think for a moment you can manipulate the algorithm of Amazon for more than a couple of days.


4) Not publishing (and optimizing) you books for Createspace and ACX: it’s amazing how many publishers are not putting their books on ACX (audiobooks). This could be done for FREE via a royalty split. You won’t spend a dime (literally). Not doing it is just stupid. I now have at hundreds of students making more than $1,000 a month on ACX alone and tens of them making over $2,000 (my best student surpassed $2,500 with only 30 books).


You also have to learn how to leverage your paperbooks with the correct price point in order for you to maximize your profit. This doesn’t happen by chance: this happens by having a proven strategy.


I personally discovered (and taught to thousands of students) the “sweet spot for Createspace”, namely a point in which you massively increase your prices and as a result you sell more copies, not less copies. And even if you sell less copies, you make much more money due to your per book earning being way higher.


5) Social media promotion, press releases and BS: it’s insulting how many people still do that. It’s almost more insulting how many fake gurus still fill up their courses with such fluff. I don’t do (and never have done) any directory submission or press releases. None of my students do that. It’s a flat out lie that you have to. Your revenue or ranking won’t improve a bit.


Fake gurus say that when they don’t have anything to say. Don’t fall for this.


If you’re interested in actually learning how to profitably do Kindle Publishing for non-fiction (the most profitable option, by far) by somebody that has actually been there and done that (and taught thousands of students to do the same), you may want to join my Self Publishing Revolution course.





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