Kindle Publishing Q&A – Shall I Quit My Job On My Kindle Publishing Business?

Kindle Publishing Q&A – Shall I Quit My Job On My Kindle Publishing Business?



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One of the most commonly asked questions is “Big Luca, now that I have a stable Kindle Publishing business, can I quit my job on it?”


The answer is always “it depends”.


Watch the video for the full explanation.


In brief:


  • If you have no intention of branching out to other things (Affiliate Marketing, Consulting, Information Product Creation), the no. Only having a Kindle Publishing business isn’t a stable situation to be in: Amazon can pull the curtain anytime it wants. You need to be diversified and maybe on platforms you own and manage directly.
  • If your business hans’t produced a steady amount of cash flow for at least 6 months, you shouldn’t quit your job.
  • If your lifestyle matches what you earn at your day job and your Kindle Publishing business doesn’t earn you double or triple of that, don’t quit your job.
  • By all means quit your job is you have money saved in the bank (3-6 months of your current lifestyle), your Kindle Publishing business brings in triple of your day job’s income and you want to branch out to other streams of income.


Kindle Publishing is just the beginning of a much bigger journey. The journey into Online Marketing.


You cannot bring in 20k, 30k, 50k or 100k a month part-time. It’s a full time commitment (even if you delegate and outsource… your focus is full time).


$5,000 with Kindle Publishing is something you can achieve part time, while you keep your day job because “it makes you feel secure”. Beyond that things get complicated and you have a choice to make: will your day job win or will your hunger for leaving it win? I leave this up to you.




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