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Self Publishing Revolution

The most comprehensive video course on creating passive income with Kindle books, Paper books and Audiobooks. Advanced strategies and tips included. Constantly Updated.

Affiliate Marketing Revolution

The most comprehensive course on the market on Affiliate Marketing. Discover the secrets of what Big Boys do. No BS approach, just straight conversions.

Video Course Revolution

The most comprehensive video course on creating passive income by producing your own video course. Everything is explained: how to set up a membership website, how to integrate the payment gateway, how to put it on an affiliate platform, the best price point, how to create a pitch page...

Video Marketing Revolution

My proven Video Marketing Blueprint takes the guesswork out of building a profitable Video Marketing business and shows you exactly how to break through the noise and connect directly with your customer base, all by using video. I created a step­-by­-step program with 6 Critical Steps that walk you through the entire Video Marketing creation process from scratch.

  1. Video Marketing Crash Course

  2. Video Marketing Strategy

  3. Producing Like a Pro

  4. Effective Online Video Distribution

  5. Monetization

  6. Tracking and Analyzing Your Campaigns

eCommerce Marketing Revolution

eCommerce Blueprint takes the guesswork out of building a profitable online business and teaches you exactly how to scale your business from the ground up. 

  1. Module 1: Find the Perfect Niche
  2. Module 2: Picking the Right Products to Sell
  3. Module 3: Let Me Set Up Your Online Store
  4. Module 4: Setting Up Logistics
  5. Module 5: How to Market Your Business

List Building Revolution

Done-For-­You Solution that will give you my exclusive blueprint to build a successful and profitable Email Marketing business. Before my program, building a successful Email Marketing business required A LOT of time, money, and work. And frankly, neither you nor I have that kind of time. We need a Done­-For­-You solution TODAY, not 3 months from today.

  1. Email Marketing Foundation

  2. Building a BETTER Business

  3. How to Pick the Perfect Niche and Product

  4. Instantly Create Compelling Content

  5. How to Capture High Quality Traffic

  6. Email Marketing Analytics

Niche Marketing Revolution

After analyzing my past successes and failures in Niche Marketing I realized there are 7 Key Milestones that every business must hit in order for it be successful. When I created this program I wanted to teach you how to build a successful Niche Marketing Business that was both profitable and easy to understand. That is why I have broken down my program into 7 Critical Milestones.

  1. Module 1: How to Market Your Business in ANY Niche

  2. Module 2: : The Secret To Niche Marketing SEO

  3. Module 3: The Viral Nova Formula

  4. Module 4: How to Create Valuable Content

  5. Module 5: Niche Marketing Hacks

  6. Module 6: Get Ready... Setup... Go!

  7. Module 7: Three Simple Ways to Monetize Your Site

Facebook Marketing Revolution

After consulting with some of the top Facebook Marketing experts in the Industry and heavily investing into a simple yet powerful formula, I have finally come up with something truly special—the Ultimate Facebook Marketing Blueprint. In this simple yet powerful guide I walk you through the complexities of Facebook Marketing in a simple 6 step program.

  1. Facebook Marketing Foundation

  2. Making Your First Facebook Page

  3. Picking Your Objective

  4. Target Your Audience

  5. How to Bid and Advertise

  6. Designing Your Ad

Law Of Attraction Revolution

This is the science of abundance. When you use this powerful yet simple scientific secret in your life, you’ll be able to literally force the universe to give you everything you have ever wanted. Free yourself from the rat race treadmill, tap into the emotional abundance and financial freedom you’ve been longing for. Finally, this is your time to build your life the way you want to on your own terms.

  1. Step 1: The Secret

  2. Step 2: Visualization

  3. Step 3: Goal Setting

  4. Step 4: Face Your Fears

  5. Step 5: The Law of Attraction

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