MTTB 21 Steps Review – Read What MOBE Is All About From Somebody That Actually Makes Money With It!

MTTB 21 Steps Review – Read What MOBE Is All About From Somebody That Actually Makes Money With It!


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If you’re on this page you want to acquire information about the MTTB system promoted by the high ticket affiliate marketing system called MOBE. Well, keep reading.


To be completely honest with you, I’ll talk little about the MTTB 21 steps system and MOBE and a great detail about mindset. Because you see, 99% of the questions you have about the MTTB system don’t really have to do much with Affiliate Marketing.


DISCLAIMER: I’m actually involved with MOBE and I’m a Diamond Consultant (highest position). This is not a review by some random guy on the Internet. I’ve been at the Internet Marketing game for years now and I started out from 0. I’ve mentored and taught thousands of students who, by habit, provide screenshots of their earnings. I don’t come at this from a position of “claims”: I have evidence. (check out my Facebook Page to see them!)


What Is The MTTB 21 Steps Coaching Program?

It’s a complete video course that teaches you the philosophy behind high ticket affiliate marketing, how the big money is made and how millionaire affiliates actually make their money. The 21 steps coaching program also explains to you how the MOBE opportunity works and it briefs you on why you should get involved in it.

You are also given a personal coach that will follo you each step, giving you homework and making sure you’re doing things correctly.


What Is MOBE?

MOBE stands for My Online Business Education. It’s a 9-figure company that sells educational video courses, mastermind and coaching. The topics are geared towards internet marketers and small to medium business owners. They have programs on just about anything from Email Marketing to Lead Generation, from Asset Protection to Investing, from FB ads to Real Estate.


MOBE sells mainly 3 things:

  1. Video courses
  2. Live events and masterminds
  3. Coaching programs


Masterminds are usually held in Costa Rica and they’re all-inclusive experience in which people get to mastermind and learn from amazing speakers.


Let’s now analyze some of the common questions / objections about the MTTB / MOBE system:


Is the $49 everything I’ll pay?

This is where people get confuses: yes, with $49 you can check out everything contained in the 21 steps and there is no “upsell”.

Your coach will present you with the opportunity to become a licensee for the MOBE company, so that you can resell everything they sell and get high commissions (the products and mastermind they sell are certainly not cheap).  Whether you join MOBE or not, the program costs $49.


How much does it cost to get involved in MOBE?

This depends from the level you want to position yourself at. The MOBE compensation plan is fairly complicated and this is what the 21 steps are for, to get you to also understand how much you can get paid. Each different level requires a different level of investment and allows you to make a different amount of money. Again, check out the 21 steps, this is also what they are for.


Don’t get upset by that: this how business works. If you want to make high ticket affiliate commissions you’re going to have to spend some money. Some students really don’t get this point and it’s painful to having to explain this thousands of times over.


I don’t feel like investing into anything that can make me money!

Somebody, somewhere, for some reason, convinced you that this is a good idea. You may have been led into believing that not getting involved into something that can change your life is somehow smart. It’s not. If you want a change in lifestyle and income, you have to make a change in the way you think: to get the results you want, you have the pay a price. There is always one. Sometimes it’s money, sometime it’s time, sometimes it’s both.

Take your pick.


I don’t want to be sold to / up-sold to / being asked for money / feel pressured / feel pushed!

What do you mean? I don’t get it. First of all, nobody in the 21 steps will “push” you to do anything, quite the opposite in fact. There are people that go through the 21 steps only to position themselves as Diamond consultants immediately. They already understand the value in the business (like I and John Chow did) and they want to start immediately. They too have to wait at least a month and go through the steps. Try to say “just allow me to become Diamond” and you’ll see how it turns out. Nobody pressures you to do anything.


And what you want is almost always irrelevant. I don’t want to do a lot of stuff which I instead have to do to remain crazily profitable in my business. Many times I don’t feel like doing things (like writing this blog article), but I still have to do them.

The market doesn’t care what you and I feel or want.

When you want something, you have to do what’s required… not what you like.


I thought I could make $10,000 commissions with only a $49 investment!

Oh well, technically you can. Including with MOBE. You can sell 5 masterminds (without getting the money) and MOBE will position you at that level. This is mathematically wrong (as the money you lose are far more than the money you “save”) but sure…

Usually though, there is no making a lot of money without investing a lot. Again, this may not always be money. I started making money online from virtually 0. Many of my students have. You can get to like $3,000 – $5,000 a month or even more maybe. But the reality is that if we talk making 6 figure a month and making it relatively quickly, you have to “move” large amounts of money.


Try to build a real estate empire with zero money and then we’ll talk (yeah I know, you can borrow money. But then that money is yours and so in actuality you’re still investing money).


There is no way around this.


A guy that I don’t know told me this system is a scam / a pyramid scheme / something else!

It’s important to understand that people like to talk about things they don’t know: it makes them feel important and relevant. They equate the fact that they’re talking about something big (and MOBE is big) to the fact that they are big. They aren’t. The reality is that unless you’re deeply involved with MOBE, you don’t know how it works and whether it’s worth it.

There is nothing shady, scammy or dodgy about MOBE and whoever says this is either a MOBE consultant that doesn’t earn any money (because he’s not willing to do the work) or somebody that would secretly like to join MOBE but he’s afraid of doing it (fear of failure?).


Go for it, you won’t regret it.


But I mean, I’m required to make an investment without a guarantee that I will earn any money?

Here we go, stop it. Seriously, you seriously didn’t mean to ask this question. I know this. You’re too intelligent. Somebody conditioned you to ask it, but you don’t mean it.


You perfectly know that there is no guarantee in business. If I told you to spend $1,000,000 to buy a franchise you wouldn’t even consider asking me for a guaranteed income and you wouldn’t feel there is nothing strange in spending money.

If you start any business and invest money into it, there is no way you expect a guaranteed result.

Why would it ever be any different with MOBE?


People have the impression that an “internet business” has to work differently from any other business. Regarding investments and guarantees, it doesn’t. Yes, you could potentially spend money and not make a return. As much as you can invest in the stock market and lose your money, invest in a real estate deal and lose money (and being in debt, for that matter), buy a franchise and go bankrupt (some people managed to do this with Mac Donald’s), spend money for an e-commerce which doesn’t sell etc.

The only guarantee I can give you is that the MOBE system works if you work it, as anything. Real estate works, the stock market works, e-commerce works and the licensing model (as in MOBE) works.

End of story.


Let’s stop being childish and let’s all get down to business.


I heard that 99% of people don’t make any money!

Yep, this is true in any field. ANY FIELD. It’s true in real estate, in the stock market, in business, in network marketing, in online marketing and… in MOBE.

The reality is that 99% of people simply don’t do anything with anything. They just sit around and wonder why money doesn’t come their way.

Do the work.

You’ll be in the 1%.


What Shall I do? Shall I Join The MTTB 21 Steps Program / MOBE?

The answer is YES. MOBE has the highest paying compensation plan ever, it’s a solid company and has got strong leaders. It also has very known Internet Marketers vouching for it (John Chow has perhaps the most visited blog in the IM community).

It solves the 2 biggest problems of traditional Affiliate Marketing, namely:

  • the customer belongs to you forever and no matter what and when they buy, you get a commission
  • it sells high ticket products and services and, therefore, you make high ticket commissions (as high as $25,000)


It’s an automated system in which you only job is driving traffic (and you’ll be taught how to do this). Everything is there for you: opt-in pages, email sequences, webinar pages, sales page, events, masterminds, products, high converting funnels.

You have done-for-you blog articles, emails, videos (with transcripts), ebooks, webinars. Everything.

On top of all the material and the earning potential, you’ll get an education that is worth a lifetime. This is another thing outsiders don’t get: the purpose of MOBE is to get you to create your OWN Online Business with high ticket offers.


And beside all of this, there is no risk involved. The 21 steps come with a 30-day money back guarantee (no questions asked). I mean, you can even get your 49 bucks refunded if, after having checked out how the system works, you don’t like it.

I still, to this day, don’t see how somebody would refuse to at least join the MTTB program.

You’re taking no risks.

Join Now!



Stop looking around for “information”, it’s just a way to procrastinate. If you want to make high-ticket affiliate commissions, this is the best option (hands down). This may not be for you, I understand it. But the system works. Go through the 21 steps and decide for yourself.

But please, don’t let anybody (including me) take this decision for you. Reading reviews about the MTTB is just a way to delegate the responsibility to check it out for yourself.

If you want to make a lot of money you’re going to have to take action and this is not just a bank statement: it’s a fact.


When you see somebody having great success on the internet, well, you see somebody that fully committed to a money making quest.


Personally, I very rarely ask for advice or read reviews online. When I see something that has a great earning potential, I check it out for myself. Then, if I see myself being fully able (and willing) to do the work, I invest into it.


It’s $49. Get inside and check it out.


You won’t regret it. At least, you’ll then speak about the MTTB system having at least seen it.


How silly is it to have an opinion without checking out something?




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