New Video Courses – Video Marketing, List Building, Law Of Attraction, eCommerce, Niche Marketing

New Video Courses – Video Marketing, List Building, Law Of Attraction, eCommerce, Niche Marketing, Facebook Marketing



As promised, I released other video courses to help you on your Money Making quest. I teamed up with some of the biggest boys in town and we all put our minds to work; these video courses are the direct results of this.


  • Video Marketing Revolution: My proven Video Marketing Blueprint takes the guesswork out of building a profitable Video Marketing business and shows you exactly how to break through the noise and connect directly with your customer base, all by using video. I created a step­-by­-step program with 6 Critical Steps that walk you through the entire Video Marketing creation process from scratch.


  • List Building Revolution:  Done-For-­You Solution that will give you my exclusive blueprint to build a successful and profitable Email Marketing business. Before my program, building a successful Email Marketing business required A LOT of time, money, and work. And frankly, neither you nor I have that kind of time. We need a Done­-For­-You solution TODAY, not 3 months from today.


  • Facebook Marketing Revolution: After consulting with some of the top Facebook Marketing experts in the Industry and heavily investing into a simple yet powerful formula, I have finally come up with something truly special—the Ultimate Facebook Marketing Blueprint. In this simple yet powerful guide I walk you through the complexities of Facebook Marketing in a simple 6 step program.


  • Law Of Attraction Revolution: This is the science of abundance. When you use this powerful yet simple scientific secret in your life, you’ll be able to literally force the universe to give you everything you have ever wanted. Free yourself from the rat race treadmill, tap into the emotional abundance and financial freedom you’ve been longing for. Finally, this is your time to build your life the way you want to on your own terms.


  • eCommerce Revolution: eCommerce Blueprint takes the guesswork out of building a profitable online business and teaches you exactly how to scale your business from the ground up. 


  • Niche Marketing Revolution: After analyzing my past successes and failures in Niche Marketing I realized there are 7 Key Milestones that every business must hit in order for it be successful. When I created this program I wanted to teach you how to build a successful Niche Marketing Business that was both profitable and easy to understand. That is why I have broken down my program into 7 Critical Milestones.


I also have a cracking offer: if you get Affiliate Marketing Revolution, you’ll get Facebook Marketing Revolution and List Building Revolution for FREE. I find they complement Affiliate Marketing Revolution incredibly well. If you’re into Affiliate Marketing, there is no better package than this online!


All of these courses have common features:


  • A high converting, slick pitch page: this is particularly good for converting cold traffic (so these will be particularly good if you’re an affiliate marketer). Very explanatory and professionally lied out.


  • A sales funnel: excellent both for clients and affiliate marketers. People can decide how much commit to the program and how much in-depth they’d like to go.


  • 30-day No Questions Asked money back guarantee: if at any point a customer is unhappy about the program, he can ask for a refund.


  • Very stable membership backend: I use MemberPortal for all of these courses. This is one of the most stable and professional memberships backends and allows the users for a perfect navigation.


  • 20+ videos: all the courses include plenty of videos which tackle the topics at various levels, angles and with various degrees of depth.


  • Big Luca’s and other Internet Marketers’ mind at work: by purchasing these courses, you’ll not only get my knowledge but you’ll get the knowledge of some of the best Internet Marketers in the world.


I invested thousands of dollars in the production of these courses and they required quite a bite of organization and coordination from everybody’s part. I seriously tried to give an answer to the most commonly discussed niches on Internet Marketing and provide 1 video course for each. My goal is for you to be able to have a resource to study from, no matter what the niche you’re interested in is.


These video courses are also complementary, they could be combined to increase your knowledge or to get into multiple niches.


I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

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