Online Marketing Wussies! A Huge BIG LUCA RANT!

Online Marketing Wussies! A Huge BIG LUCA RANT!

Sometimes I really get pissed off and there is no solution for this. When I hear people / students complain about things without taking action I just lose it.

People approach Online Marketing because they somehow think that’s easy and they can make money without doing any work at all. This is completely wrong and it’s something I’ve never promoted. If you do the work and hassle, yep, results can arrive quickly. Yes, I have students that make a lot of money after only 2 months. But they WORKED.

You cannot in any way “wait and see”. Nothing will happen. If you don’t move, don’t create, don’t take action and just wait, you’ll die broke.


Online Marketing is full of problems. There are issues. There are downsides and things that get you off guard. You’ll have enemies, haters and sometimes you’ll lose money and time.

Creating things is hard: whether you create your own product or service or you create a platform to sell somebody else’s.


There is no way around this fact.


So if you’re looking for easy solutions and no work, I cannot help you.


Also, stop pinning your BS and stories on me. If you don’t take action and you’re  not willing to do the work, it’s on you and not me. I cannot help you. I can only help students that want to help themselves and that understand that making money online is a BUSINESS.


Kindle Publishing is a business, Affiliate Marketing is a business. eCommerce makes no exception.


You have to accept this truth. As an Online Marketer, you’re paid to solve problems. Stop blaming, complaining and waiting.


Online Marketing Wussies! A Huge BIG LUCA RANT!  – Youtube Video




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